My mission is to empower you with the confidence needed to live your best life. 

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Love Guru, Goddess, Author, Entrepreneur,

Wife, Mother, Yogi & Artist

I’m Cathy Hernandez, a native New Yorker born and raised in Spanish Harlem.  Growing up in a large Puerto Rican family to a no non-sense mother has definitely influenced my perspective on life.

By the time I was ready to head off to college I was fully equipped with a sharp tongue, quick wit and an opinion about everything.   As a psychology major I further refined my skills and realized my passion for giving relationship advice.

Not afraid to put my own theories about love to the test, I started taking my own advice.  While developing my relationship strategies I met and married my husband John, who became the subject of my book “12 Levels of Love”.

I hope to share the success I had finding the relationship that was right for me with others who are on their own search.   This is what lead me to write my book and create my website.  So I hope you learn something new and enjoy!

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